Dual Filter Oscillator

Soundfreak Synthesizer Module

The Dual Filter/Oscillator consists of two independent, identical filtering circuits modelled over the Filter/Oscillator section of the VCS 3, with some extra features.

We preserved the original, distinctive Response parameter that allowed you to use the device as a resonant low-pass filter or a self-oscillating bandpass filter. In the latter configuration, the filter produced a pure sine wave that could be used as an audio source.

In addition to that, we designed an FM circuit that allows you to control the filter’s cutoff frequency with both CV and audio signals. A dedicated switch modifies the filter reaction to audio-rate frequency modulation.

The DB switch allows you to change the filter slope from 24 to 18 dB/oct, thus expanding the capabilities beyond the original VCS3 design.

PRICE: 1670 €

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Soundfreak DUAL FILTER Manual

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